Team WAEF at Bloomsday

Join Team WAEF @ Bloomsday 2015


Team WAEF entered our 4th Bloomsday event in 2014 with 22 participants.  Team WAEF members included current and former WAEF scholarship recipients, members of the WAEF board of directors and staff and foundation supporters.  Together we raised enough money to fund FOUR additional scholarships!  Three awards were made by WAEF students to graduating seniors of their high school alma maters and the fourth by our top business team. 


How many additional scholarships can we award this year?  It's up to you!


Please join us by registering as an individual member of Team WAEF or organizing your workplace, group of friends, peers, etc. to join as a group.  Current and former scholarship recipients raising the highest number of pledges will be honored with scholarships in their names awarded to graduating seniors from their high school alma maters.  Business teams raising the most money and getting the highest number of team members will be recognized with WAEF scholarships in their company names. 


To join, fill out the participant information under the link to the left titled "register".



Bloomsday 2015 occurs on Sunday, May 3rd in downtown Spokane.  To register for the run (must be completed separately from Team WAEF membership registration)  The $17 registration fee is active until April 20th, after which it increases to $35.



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